July 8, 2013

So there you go – he’s gone and done it. A job that was starting to gain some traction, a career that was about to burgeon but nope. He chooses to go and resign with no promise of guarantee of a new job.

Yes – I finally did it. I’ve resigned from my surgical job and have started applying to Australia for jobs. Here comes a rather complex time in my life where it will be a stare-off between ambition, self-belief, disillusionment and upheaval.






July 8, 2013

Large amounts of s&^t aka laos. A phenomena that develops in men at any age but the size of the laos grows incrementally with time. The earlier the laos appears, the harder it becomes to remove from the patient.

Well my recent move has given me an opportunity to reconsider how much I need things. I’ve already filled a boxful for the charity shop (who then said they had too many books at the minute so “no thanks” for half of the box) but I’m still stuck with a heteroclite set of bits and bobs across 6 or so curver boxes. Cables, computer keyboards, voltmetres, allen keys… All these things you don’t often need but are so useful when you do. The recent house move has pointed to another unattractive trait of mine – I am chronically messy when it comes to my bedroom. The kitchen on the other hand is obsessively organised. Something obviously is not quite right there…

I’ve also tended to have to keep my office and bedroom in one sole room which does not provide enough lebensraum for my natural proclivity to spread my stuff around.

The more depressing element is that I’m getting a little too old to change and I’m still too young to care. A tidy room is nice but it’s so much effort to keep up I can barely ever keep it tidy for more than a day.

setting up sonitel niger adsl

June 8, 2013

Sonitel (one of Niger’s adsl providers) helpfully give you no information as to how to set things up on their website. Trawl the web and I found no reference to this information so this is the current setup (June 2013)
Your logon will be something like adsl01234567890@sonitel
the password will be just the numbers (this should be your phone number).
then the complicated part (the bit I had to guess and pray for)
vpi/vci 8/81

OK so now if things are working in your favour (i.e. you have electricity, sonitel’s servers have electricity, there’s no dust storm blowing), you should be able to connect. 🙂

Autism test

February 18, 2009

Just did the Baron-Cohen inspired test which had me score 5 (the lower the less autistic) – lower than average and I’m male and enjoy using computers. How odd.

Obama prediction

February 2, 2009

I was reminded by a friend that on the previous incarnation of coldequator, I had correctly predicted that the Democrats could only win the 2008 election by understanding people of faith which the stats show Obama appeared to do on a level that hasn’t really been matched since Carter. Well it’s nice being right for once – doubt it will last too long though.


August 16, 2007

After a few years of running, I let the lease on the name and the server run out. I kind of enjoyed the experiment but the extra cost of the server and domain name seemed a bit grandiose for what I was up to. So here we are – starting from scratch on free space.