setting up sonitel niger adsl

Sonitel (one of Niger’s adsl providers) helpfully give you no information as to how to set things up on their website. Trawl the web and I found no reference to this information so this is the current setup (June 2013)
Your logon will be something like adsl01234567890@sonitel
the password will be just the numbers (this should be your phone number).
then the complicated part (the bit I had to guess and pray for)
vpi/vci 8/81

OK so now if things are working in your favour (i.e. you have electricity, sonitel’s servers have electricity, there’s no dust storm blowing), you should be able to connect. 🙂


2 Responses to setting up sonitel niger adsl

  1. pankaj says:

    Thanks man. After a lot of search I finally found it and it is working.

    • coldequator says:

      Glad it was helpful! I mostly put it there so I didn’t lose the information myself but hoped it would get picked up by google for those seeking this all important information.

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