Noodler’s inks

After humming and hawing for well over a month as to what ink I needed to buy for my fountain pen, I finally came to a decision and purchased two colours. The major issue I had was about having waterproof ink – that’s a must for me due to often getting paper and tea mixed together in a most inappropriate fashion. Bulletproof ink is probably the way to go but then if you get any ink on any item of clothing, that’s it for life (and eternity).

Well Noddler’s inks tend to be very resistant to spillages to I made the dive and bought two bottles of Borealis black and one of Zhivago which is pretty much black but with a greenish tint which comes out most with a broad fountainpen nib. I’m still not sure which on I like the most but both were completely waterproof when I wrote with them and within a minute put the sheet of paper into the water (the paper was the weak link and was not in that great a state when I last looked in the sink).


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